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New Releases | more...
Zero Generation by JigGsaw JigGsaw
Zero Generation
Out Now!
Listen Play song "Mona Lisa's..."
A concoction of punk rock, pop, disco and political satire. An abrasive yet sensitive sound..Go to next page.
The Great Salt Creek by Textbook Textbook
The Great Salt Creek
Great analog production, heartfelt lyrics, pounding drums, and ripping guitar solos..Go to next page.
U n E a r t h E d by Lenka Dusilova Lenka Dusilova
U n E a r t h E d
Listen Play song "Noni Jam"
Excellent Czech indie rock in the vein of Neko Case, Charlotte Hatherly, PJ
Harvey, Rilo Kiley. Go to next page.

Upcoming Shows | more...

21 Sep 12 - The Grog Shop
      Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

23 Jan 11 - Pancho's
      Chicago, IL, USA

7  Sept 07 - The Living Room
      Manhattan, NY, USA
      Lenka Dusilova

 8  Sept 07 -
      Rockwood Music Hall
      Manhattan, NY, USA
      Lenka Dusilova

 8  Sept 07 -
      Black Swamp Arts Festival
      Bowing Green, OH, USA
      Lenka Dusilova

 9  Sept 07 -
      Black Swamp Arts Festival
      Bowing Green, OH, USA
      Lenka Dusilova

 11 Sept 07 - Rivoli Club
      Toronto, Canada
      Lenka Dusilova

 12 Sept 07 - Rivoli Club
      Toronto, Canada
      Lenka Dusilova

13 Sept 07 -
      Cedar Cultural Center
      Minneapolis, MN, USA
      Lenka Dusilova

Textbook - The Great Salt Creek CD Out June 21

News | more...

11 Feb 2011
Playing Field is now on Facebook!
Come visit us...Lenka's Tour Dates

6 Sept 2007
Lenka Goes on USA Tour! Check out her Tour Page for all the details...Lenka's Tour Dates

28 Nov 2006
Visit the official Playing Field Myspace page at! Say hello and be our friend!...Go to news page.

28 Aug 2006
Lenka Dusilova will be here in the states for a national tour with award-winning Czech folk artists Czechomor this fall! See Lenka's Tour Page for tour dates, and the Czechomor US Tour site to buy tickets and for complete tour info...Go to news page.

Audio/Video | more...
"Mona Lisa's Mirror"
Zero Generation CD
MP3 Download Play
"Better Late Than Never"
The Great Salt Creek CD
MP3 Download Play
Lenka Dusilova
'"Vlci Oci" video
from "Mezi Světy"
(Not released in the US)
Lenka Dusilova
U n E a r t h E d   CD
MP3 Download Play
"Saving the Matchsticks"
Counting on Abacus CD

Reviews | more... says:
"It's a godsend for anyone who’s concerned that indie rock is slowly losing its independence." Go to next page.

Build Your Own Scene says:
"These guys kicked a lot of ass. Their drummer was going wild the whole time and so was their guitar player. It didn't take long for them to get us going." Go to next page.

Illinois Entertainer says:
"The Great Salt Creek, brims with buoyant indie-pop paeans, most notably "Dear You, Dear" and the engaging "Find My Way Back Home." Go to next page. says:
"Dusilova sounds Dido-like, yet live her voice is richer, rounder, and edgier--like a saner PJ Harvey. Note that Dusilova is the recipient of the equivalent of the Czech Grammy, denoting her popularity in Eastern Europe." Go to next page.

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