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Lenka Dusilova
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Lenka Dusilova
Lenka Dusilova

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Lenka Dusilova
'"Vlci Oci" video
from "Mezi Světy"
(Not released in the US)
Lenka Dusilova
"Noni Jam"
U n E a r t h E d   CD
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Lenka Dusilova
U n E a r t h E d   CD
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If you enjoy the likes of Neko Case, PJ Harvey, Charlotte Hatherley, Rilo Kiley, or even Bjork, then you should find Lenka Dusilova right up your alley. She has a unique style, subtly combining elements of her traditional Czech music background together with modern indie rock to create catchy songs punctuated by her captivating vocal ability.

Lenka Dusilova is considered to be one of the Czech Republic's top indie rock artists. In 2000, she won the Andel Award (the Czech equivalent of the Grammy) for best female vocalist, and was nominated again in 2003. She has been voted best female vocalist of 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 by the readers of the influential Czech music magazine, Report.

She recently won two more Andel Allianz Music Awards for Singer of the Year and Album of the Year (for her latest album Mezy Svety). As well as Album of the Year in the Czech Internet Music Awards.

Currently Lenka is entering new frontiers by extending her musical reach into the U.S. indie rock scene with the release of her American debut CD, U n E a r t h E d.

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Mezi Svety by Lenka Dusilova Lenka Dusilova
Mezi Světy
2005  B&M Music / Universal
U n E a r t h E d by Lenka Dusilova Lenka Dusilova
U n E a r t h E d
Excellent Czech indie rock in the vein of Neko Case, Charlotte Hatherly, PJ Harvey, Liz Phair, Rilo Kiley. This is Lenka's first US release, featuring Czech and English songs, with live tracks and videos. 
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Spatrit Svetlo Sveta by Lenka Dusilova Lenka Dusilova
Spatrit Svetlo Sveta
2003  B&M Music / Universal
Spatrit Svetlo Sveta by Lenka Dusilova Lenka Dusilova
Lenka Dusilova
2000  B&M Music
Lenka's debut solo album.

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