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"Faster than Rapid"
Scene 14 CD

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Park signed up with Playing Field in late 1997 and released a fantastic CD called Scene 14 to follow up their self-released 7", Mood Ring. Park is originally from Springfield, IL; but they relocated to the Champaign-Urbana metropolis after releasing their CD. Playing an intense schedule of shows, Park has earned a good following in Central Illinois and across the United States.

Their music is, in general, definitely a more in-your-face style of emo/indie rock, but you can feel their softer side buried in the music; and they have some slower ballad-type segments in some of their songs too. Powerful guitar chord changes and brilliant breakdowns make this music a guaranteed emotion rouser.

The band has been through a few incarnations since Scene 14, but is still playing out incessantly and are essentially the same Park.

Scene 14 by Park Park
Scene 14
That Midwestern indie emo sound you love, with an edge
that makes it interesting.
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