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Lenka Dusilova
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Park - Scene 14
Track Listing:

1. Ghost Boy
2. Faster than
Real Audio Play
3. Class of Coleco
4. 1000 Yard Stare
5. One Clear Shot
6. Omnibus
7. Last Time Everything
8. Lindsay
9. Arcee Springer
10. Scene 14
11. South for the Winter
12. One Continous Motion
13. At That Particular Moment
14. Too Far from North Shore

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1. Ghost Boy
Innocence is topped not
lost just overung And
there's times I would for-
get but I Knew I didn't
want to lose you little 9
year olds Where bareskin
boys plot shirtless ploys
to steal the evenings and
then turn the night to day
You always try to mini-
mize your loss.
Disenchant my life to
wrapped up in a bottle
thrown out to sea My life
flip and flop turn and toss
I'm drowning slowly don't
I listen carefully This like
my life rapped up in a
bottle just as you always
do Stay right here for the
remainder of your life Just
like you always do

2. Faster than Rapid
Taken back you favorite
wet soaked anecdotes
I can't see the clock from
here Constant confusion
bloodloss contusion And
maybe I should not try
harder To see myself in
you grapple the bedpost
cracking the frame And
maybe I should just try
harder throw myself into
something else Faster
than Rapid ever could be
Maybe it's the way I talk
confusingly to you
Maybe this is only

3. Class of Coleco
And I can still remember
nights filled with forty-fives
Only the lonely tend to sur-
vive Only the lonely can remain
alive And you can only
rethink memories so much
And I can wake up sniffing
out the bedroom I can't
remember anything
Summer was the best thing
that happened to me Class
of coleco vision of a stereo
bedroom Momentos And I
can wake up sniffing out
the bedroom
I can't remember anything
about those kids

4. 1000 Yard Stare
Second list at home while
the comforting remains
unchanged and unsame
1000 yard stare And i can
listen with my eyes to stop
comforting your ears Hold
your arms out at length so I
can touch them

5. One Clear Shot
I've released my heat
towards a situation I just
can't control anymore
And it looks like this is try-
ing to kill me just like the
better offense I tried to sup-
ply Just like the Chinese
girl on the back of my gui-
tar I need 17 more dreams
It seems that memories
leak so often

6. Omnibus
This is exist not a hole
More than hardwood not
just floors And I'm waiting
for this weather now to
clear catching weather in
my heather of a stone this
is my mind Screaming
phases tapping shoulders
in a flight Some things can't
be ignored This is home
this is sweet home Home's
a prom queen seventeen
my dandy lion dream
used to sway on swings
Though it never meant a
thing My film became silent
when she said to me
When this night is over so
are we Don't cry dear Anne
Because I'll be back soon
Don't cry I'll be back soon

7. Last Time Everything
Last time everything was
so cool
We could sit on your couch
dance by chance
Kissed if we missed it just
didn't matter
You cry nightly in our beds
Cry tightly in our heads
State on top twenty radio
I'd swear I love you
I'd swear I miss you
8. Lindsay
Stood by the moonlight
next to water Wishing for
something hoping for me
Last night I tugged at your
shirt But you walked away
crying for over And me for
under while nothing was
said Telling me lies on that
couch the day we met
Starlight star bright bring
me a dream tonight
Make her pretty make her
sweet Make her something
I can't keep This was a
glass case I was locked in
and it couldn't be broken
There's breath in you eyes
and music inside This is
the first time for the last
time that we cried

9. Arcee Springer
When it comes and doesn't
fold before it's done
When it shades and plays
what you call a melody of
sense Your pretense
So hard to conceal what I
feel back when I was so
idly wild I'm awake now
tonight without sundays
mornings brusies on my
neck Quiet kind of thinking
not anything wishing I was
far away where trees drop
leaves as far as I can see
Arcee shivers beside me
scooping up the softness
promising shell be with me
forever Why does this
music make me sad could I
make a part of myself, true

10. Scene 14
14 good-byes keeps the
night alive exit standing the
music's ending from on and
on a storyboard sending
sings in key asleep I'm
watching from that window
Come up from the ground I
need to notice that your not
still around 14 sad tries
every other night it leaves
demanding takes me off my
feet throwing away the best
day in our heads and if I
could just think I remember
you and me at 3rd street
drinking over coffee bout
the people we met the lives
that we met and somehow
that they changed and
we've changed

11. South for the Winter
Listen to that sound of
something in your ear
Pulls you sounds so
Shakespearean Tugs you
wish you were here We're all
you've got till your wedding
day Falls through the ground
and leaves you feeling wet-
ter So long to sweet good-
byes they never last that
long So long to Shakespeare
wish you were here In the
making of your life there's a
part of you that just won't
seem to try Don't stop the
red light or you might con-
fess it to your life something
irresponsible to you am
young and going numb from
growing up on the inside you
believe and that I am nothing
catch your breath.
We like your style And we
will confess to address until
we collapse

13. At that Particular Moment
Sleep now say my eyes
because I'm so tired
But I can't sleep at all
or any if that all In on split
second it seemed to fall
away You caught my eyes
wide open and threw in a
flare and though I notice
this road seems long and
you are farther that before
and now it's gone at that
particular moment

14. Too Far from North Shore
And the street cars caught
contagiously Contained as
the times beach sits whim-
pering Now I am aware
there's no around but me
And my alpha to beta of
facial complexions
Won't stop me complaining
of scenes I've never seen.
Aren't you a never side of
fright Stay with me on a
street car named desire
On a cool bar in a fast train
headed no where
Relax we're almost there
runaway with me on a
street car named desire

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