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Back of Dave SplitProzac Memory  
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Back of Dave / Prozac Memory
Track Listing:

Side Dave
1. Quickie
2. Automatic Drip
3. Rifle Arm
4. Plankton
5. Digger

Side Prozac
1. Beneficiary
2. Meniscus
3. Drawn Into
4. Blind Ascension
. Seven

Split LP

The original vinyl was released in 1994 on SubFusc Records, which evolved into Playing Field.

Jacket notes:
In memory of Timothy Michael Eberline, 1972 - 1994

Back of Dave
Ben - Guitar
Dan - Vocals
Matt - Drums
Brian - Bass
Nathan - Guitar

All music Back of Dave. Except Automatic Drip by Back of Dave and Dave Unbroken.

Thanks to: Mr & Mrs. Eberline (for all the support and the practice space), SubFusc Rec. (Pete), Ben Jones, Doug Rayburn, all in Sensefield, Curby, Bill, and Drew at Freak "n" Pizza, Prozac Memory, Gauge, Hoover, Kill 7, Dave (Killer Shrews), Judge Nothing, Inchrist, Andrew and Blatherskite, Mark Bruback, Jay, Matt S., Trav, Emily, Diagnosis 'Zine, Andy Kykaman, Josh Wiese, Steve and all at the sticom, the Springfield scene, George, (SKANK SK8's), Fagalonius P. Hector, all in Ingot, everyone that comes out to see us in Alton, Brian Thomas (for setting up the Van), Matt W. (for fixing the Van), Curt Haggerty, Parsnip, Tree and Justin/Debbie. And Marshall, Campbell, Wilson & Sander parents, MU33O, Bent Fragile, Autumn Clock, Cap 'N" Jazz, Braid, the Champaign & Danville bands, Angie, Jen L. Avail, Hose Got Cable, Dave, Unbroken, Undertow, Samian, Shiner, Boy's Life, Sideshow & Veronica.

Prozac Memory

Todd Ramsey - Drums
Samuel Dothage - Guitar / Voice
Benjamin Graham - Voice
Homer Harrison - Bass
Jared Anderson - Guitar

Our thanks goes out to...
Pete SubFusc, Back of Dave, Tom Tatman, Lane Van Ham, Boys for Life, Propagandi, Change Zine, Kate Synergy, Gauge, John T. Sherwood, Heartattack, Bill Banks, our families and our friends.

© 1994 Back of Dave and Prozac Memory. Sleeve design by Beto Travieso. Jacket printed in Canada.

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