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Sleeping for Sunrise
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Skyline Symmetry by Sleeping for Sunrise
Track Listing:

1. Lafayette 
Real Audio Play
2. Pedal Faster
3. Story Frame
4. Clay and the Lake
5. Silhouette
6. Tend
7. Little
8. Porch Tired
9. Do You Hear Me Asking
10. One Verse

Skyline Symmetry
Sleeping for Sunrise is:
Guitar and Lead Vocals: Black J. Zweig
Bass and Vocals: Jim Konczyk
Drums: Jay Ranz

Thanks to: Our families, Pete Havranek, Steve and Heather, Celeste, Jess, and Stacy in KC, Justin in Columbia, Bryan in W. Lafayette, Sam and Steve in Morton, Jon and Park, Cly, Jennifer, Kyle, Mark Davidson, Mike Kinsella, Brad, Joe, Lou, Pete Fogarty, Alyssa, Dave and Bruce, Holly and Sunshine, Howie, WEFT, Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys, Cap'N Jazz, and all those who have supported our efforst in the past that we left out.

Special thanks to: Steve Johnson, Art and the Agape Java Hut, and Mike Mckoveck and Chris Strong of Signal to Noise

March 1998

Recorded by Steve Johnson at Woodland Audio
Mixed and mastered at Hinge
"One Verse" recorded on Clay's four track in the J Room
All songs written by Sleeping for Sunrise
Produced by Sleeping for Sunrise and Steve Johnson
Copyright 1998 Sleeping for Sunrise

All lyrics written by Blake
All love given to Steve Johnson

Photography and design: Signal 2 Noise
(217) 384-7701 or S2N AT

Sleeping for Sunrise
617 Westwood Ct.
Wheeling, IL 60090

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