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Park - Scene 14
Track Listing:

1. Ghost Boy
2. Faster than
Real Audio Play
3. Class of Coleco
4. 1000 Yard Stare
5. One Clear Shot
6. Omnibus
7. Last Time Everything
8. Lindsay
9. Arcee Springer
10. Scene 14
11. South for the Winter
12. One Continous Motion
13. At That Particular Moment
14. Too Far from North Shore

Album lyrics 
Album Lyrics

Scene 14
Park is:
Justin Valenti
Eric Lipe
Jon Heupel
Ladd Mitchell

Recorded by Brendan Gamble at Private Studios in Urbana, IL
Mixed by Lance Dejong and Park

Thanks to Pete and Playing Field Recordings, Brendan, Lance, Carol and Larry, Blake, Jay, Jim- Sleeping for Sunrise, Nova Scotia, Neil, Nil8, The Timmys, Jeremy, Brian (W. Lafayette), Jason, Dave, Ginny, your mom, our moms, no karma, Ryan, Stacey, Jeff, McKenzie, Brian, Sara, Eric, Liz, Kent, Ebben, Sean, Magic Mick, Ed, Ben, Meep, Arial, Seargent Howard Tibbs, Sam the Cat.

"Somethings can't be ignored" written by Kent Salsbury take from Ingot's Potato Peeler

Cover Design by Park
Front Photo by Ginny Lee
Band Photo by Jeremy Ward

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