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Artist Profile
Lenka Dusilova
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Lenka Dusilova
Track Listing:

1. The Great Divide

2. Rapid Transit
3. Lake Erie Fever
4. Saving the
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5. Directions Never Change
6. Grey Sounds
7. Pompeii
8. In the West
9. Square Vs. Wheel

10. Forever Never Better

Artist Profile
Sheilbound is:
Mike S. - guitar/voice
Jacob Edwards - bass/voice
Isaac Edwards - drums

Recorded and Mixed
Feb. '99 at Inner Ear, Arlington, VA
Engineered and produced by J. Robbins
"Grey Sounds" recorded at The Invisible City, Cleveland, OH
Photos by Courtney Sutch
Design and layout by Sheilbound

Additional drums on "Grey Sounds" by Chris Young
Additional vocals on "The Great Divide" and "Forever Never Better" by J. Robbins

Thanks: J. Robbins, Damon Atkinson, our families, Dennis Belogorsky, Sean Carney, City of Romance, and all those who gave us a floor to sleep on.

Special Thanks to Pete Havranek for making this available for your listening pleasure.

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