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Textbook - The Great Salt Creek
Track Listing:

1. Better Late Than Never
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2. Dear You, Dear
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3. Take What You've Been
4. Find My Way Back Home
5. Moonlight Glows
6. Railroad Ties
7. The Great Salt Creek
8. You Were Beautiful
9. It Sucks Sometimes

10. When It All Went Wrong
11. I Swear I'll Be On Time

The Great Salt Creek


Ex-Not Rebecca frontman, Dave Lysien, expands his punk horizons with his band Textbook's latest release "The Great Salt Creek". Recorded live-to-tape by veteran producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom, Son Volt, Burning Airlines), the album blasts through 11 tracks of midwestern-power-pop that blends punk, roots-rock, and indie-pop into one classic LP.

Fans of Get Up Kids, Wilco, Dashboard Confessional, and The Replacements are sure to enjoy this record, with its great analog production, heartfelt lyrics, pounding drums, and ripping guitar solos. "The Great Salt Creek" will appeal to rock n' roll lovers of any genre.

Album Credits:

All songs by Dave Lysien
Arranged by Textbook

Dave Lysien, Voice/Guitar
Rick Uncapher, Bass
Tommy Przybylinski, Lead Guitar/Electric Piano on Track 5
Ian Lee, Drums/Backing Vocals/Percussion

Additional vocals on Track 11
By Karyn Kuhl

Produced by John Agnello
Recorded and mixed at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ
Assistant engineers: Ted Young and Jessica Guarino
Drum tech: J. Colangelo
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound
Sequenced by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering
Photograpy by Keith Claunch
Art direction and design by Rick Uncapher

Allison Lysien, John Agnello, Pete and Playing Field Recordings, Aston and Boss Tuneage Records UK, Dan and Gina Knapik, Matt Montalto, Eric Jensen, Jim Kopeny, Matt Allison, Rob Grenoble, Brian Peterson, our families, friends, and you.

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