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JigGsaw - Zero Generation
Track Listing:

1. Mars
2. Mona Lisa's Mirror
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3. Holly Brown
4. A Fair Warning to an Under
     Age Lover...
5. Pretty Pride
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6. Houses Burning
7. Zero Generation
8. Breathe
9. Swimming in a Sea of

10. Bottles of Voodoo

Zero Generation

Out Now!

Album Credits:

JigGsaw is:
Mark JigGsaw
Clint McGraw
DJ DeMoss
Mike Hicks

On this record:
Mark JigGsaw: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Accordion
DJ DeMoss: Bass, Backup Vocals
Clint McGraw: Drums

Thank You: Josh Lucas, Neil Yeager, Matt Lunsford, Darcie Lunsford, Seth Hubbard, Adam Austin, Rachel Carns, Jerome Billingsley, Jana Roberts, Mike Park, Bill Denker, Adam Brown, Ryan Hutson, John Pines, Ward Gollings, Seth Fein, Garenne Bigby, Troy Micheals, Scott Walus, Jenn Horak-Hult, Debbie and Jerry Wascher, And all of our friends and family.

Mark JigGsaw Also Thanks: Adam Schmitt for putting an amazing amount of time and energy into this record, and who was kind enough to drive me home from the studio on those late, cold nights. Thanks Adam.

All songs written by Mark JigGsaw except Bottles Of Voodoo and Zero Generation: Written by Mark JigGsaw and DJ DeMoss.

Copyright 2005 Mark Allen Publishing (ASCAP)
Produced by Mark JigGsaw
Recorded by Mark JigGsaw and Adam Schmitt
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Schmitt
Cover art by Rachel Carns / Lux -
Photos and layout by Clint McGraw and Cheryl Cameron

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Additional Band Information:

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